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Hello and welcome to Equillium.

Equillium is a puzzle game mainly inspired by Notpron and Cipher, with my own flavoring kicked in. There are currently 26 levels, with more to come later this month.

There are two main ways to complete pages. The first was to progress is by changing the url of the page by solving the riddle, through any means possible. This can come from clues on the page, in the souce code, or by clues within the images themselves. Once you find the answer, input it into the URL to progress.

For example, if you know that the answer to a level's puzzle is 'banana', you would simply change it's url from:




Levels can include methods such as:

1Code breaking
2Analyzing and manipulating images
3Source Code Analysis
5Audio Analysis

Python Programming

The second, rarer way of solving levels requires two solutions, consisting of a username and password. This is typicly prompted through moving to a different directory, and entering a specific username and password to progress. They can be obtained through the same means as URL levels, being a set of two words or numbers.

ooo secrets

You can reach the next level in any way that you desire. Obviously except for cheating by looking up the solution. But luckily this puzzle is obscure enough as of now for that never to happen. Right? You can also use services such as google when required. Nobody expects you to do everything yourself, including translation and ciphers.

Alright, so where do you go from here? You know how to play, so now the next step is to get to the puzzle itself. Good luck, as you are already playing. Please head to the url I provided above. You know where to find it.


Game Design: Equilius Testing: rnightshroud , Kali, Greenpixel_Idr Music: Pixel Noise Special thanks to DavidM and Gamemastertips Extra special thanks to Picklemaniac for the idea to have a solver name it, and to shaharc for coming up with the final name

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